Steelers Draft Recap – How did they do?

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The Steelers never came close to drafting the twin brother of center Maurkice Pouncey in the first round, so they did the next best thing by drafting one of his best friends in the second round — and they got their cornerback from Texas on the third.

Addressing two desperate needs on the second day of the draft, the Steelers took tackle Marcus Gilbert of Florida in the second round and cornerback Curtis Brown of Texas in the third.

Gilbert, a strapping offensive tackle and former Pouncey twins linemate, is a 6-foot-6, 330-pound blocker who started the past two years for the Gators, 27 times at right and left tackle and three times at guard.

“He’s a high energy player, he’s athletic, he plays the game physical the way we like here, and we feel like he can play different positions for us,” said Steelers offensive line coach Sean Kugler. “It’s also an added bonus that he and Maurkice are best buds. There is chemistry there, and that chemistry is a big thing in the offensive line room.”

Brown became their third-round pick after many predraft opinions pegged Longhorns cornerback Aaron Williams to go to the Steelers in the first round.

Surprisingly, new Steelers secondary coach Carnell Lake said Brown was the more polished of the three Texas cornerback prospects in this draft.

“Probably the best cover corner coming out” of Texas, Lake said. “Aaron Williams was the first [Texas] corner taken. Aaron’s bigger, but we thought he was more of a safety.

“We thought Curtis definitely is a cover corner who can play the nickel as well as the outside.”

The Steelers added another cornerback to an undistinguished list that, at the moment, does not include their best, Ike Taylor, an unrestricted free agent who remains in limbo during the league work strife.

“If we can somehow find a way to get Ike back and get Curtis involved, it would only strengthen an already strong secondary,” Lake said.

The Steelers have uncertainty at offensive tackle as well as cornerback. Two are coming off surgeries, another Florida product in Max Starks (neck) and Willie Colon (Achilles).

Flozell Adams is 36, and two other tackles besides Colon are free agents, Jonathan Scott and Trai Essex.

“There’s uncertainty,” Kugler acknowledged. “We just think we got a good football player that adds to the room. We have a player that we feel is not just locked into one position, and we feel that is important.

“We have a guy that plays with energy and passion, and that is most important.”

The Steelers drafted Gilbert higher than any offensive tackle in the past 11 years, or since they drafted Marvel Smith in 2000.

Kugler praised Gilbert’s versatility, saying he can play both guards and both tackles, although he will remain primarily a tackle. On which side, Kugler could not say.

Gilbert said he is thrilled to be reunited with Maurkice Pounce on the Steelers offensive line, one day after twin Mike Pouncey was taken 15th overall by the Miami Dolphins.

“Just to go to a team with a former Gator and a former offensive lineman that I played next to is a blessing,” Gilbert said.

“I can learn a lot from him. He can teach me a lot, and I can follow his lead. He came in and did a heck of a job.”

The protective instinct runs in the Gilbert family. His father, Jeff, served as a Secret Service agent for presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and during Barack Obama’s campaign.

The Steelers were interested in drafting a cornerback in the second round, and it looked like the one they were interested in would fall to them, Miami’s Brandon Harris. But then the Houston Texans popped into the No. 28 spot via trade and snapped up Harris. The Miami Dolphins also jumped in front of the Steelers at No. 30 and drafted running back Daniel Thomas of Kansas State, and the Steelers picked Gilbert at No. 31.

Their inability to draft a cornerback in the first two rounds could have left the Steelers dangerously thin there. Taylor, a longtime starter, is an unrestricted free agent, and none of their others have been consistently good enough.

The Steelers drafted a cornerback for the second straight round, taking Cortez Allen of The Citadel with their first pick today at the end of the fourth round.

On Friday, the Steelers used their third-round draft choice on Texas cornerback Curtis Brown.

The Steelers selected a linebacker on the fifth round of the draft today, Chris Carter of Fresno State.

An undersized outside linebacker, Carter is 6-1, 247 pounds. He started the past two seasons for Fresno State.

The Steelers broke away from their concentration on defense in this draft when they selected a guard on the sixth round today, Keith Williams of Nebraska.

Williams (6-4, 318) is only the second offensive player among the six the Steelers have drafted, and both of those are offensive linemen. They drafted tackle Marcus Gilbert of Florida on the second round.

The Steelers have one pick left, in the seventh and final round of the draft.

The Steelers waited until their final pick in the seventh round to draft a player who touches the ball when they took Texas Tech running back Baron Batch with the 232nd pick of the draft.

After making five of their first six picks on defense, the Steelers finished up by drafting a guard on the sixth round and a running back on the seventh.

Because of the owners’ lockout of the players that was reinstated on Friday, teams will not be permitted to sign any undrafted rookies as they would traditionally do tonight and Sunday.

The draft was the last official act of the expired NFL collective bargaining agreement.

Jerry Micco: Hi everyone and welcome to Day 2 of the NFL draft from the Steelers South Side headquarters. The draft starts at 6 p.m. EDT and the Steelers draft 31st in this round. New England has three picks in this round, including the first pick. I’ll be back around 6 to answer questions and post your comments. See you soon!

Motown Steeler: Jerry – Love the Heywerd pick, but seriously, isn’t it time to address the DB backfield?

Jerry Micco: It is if the right guy is there at 31 in round 2. I think CB is a bit deeper than some think, so they could even wait until round 3. But here are a couple of names to put in your pocket as we go through round 2: Curtis Brown, DB, Texas and Johnny Patrick, DB, Louisville. Both play corner.

James_Taiwan: Is the Cameron Heyward pick a perfect example of why the Steelers are usually a contender? They didn’t reach in order to draft Aaron Williams.

Jerry Micco: And they filled a position of need. The DL is getting old. Two years ago, they take Ziggy Hood. Now it’s Cam Heyward. And don’t be surprised to see a guy like Sione Fua, NT from Stanford.

DaQuan Bowers: Where will I get drafted and how can one micro injury me $40M? Doesn’t the NFL have good medical help?

Jerry Micco: Micro injuries, at times, are worse than major injuries. Micro surgery can do a lot of damage despite its name. Da’Quan Bowers will go this round and he’ll likely go early

Sober: Do you think that the Steelers will trade up to grab a corner back in the second round

Jerry Micco: If they see a guy like Brandon Harris there after the first 20 picks, maybe. But again, they could get a decent CB sitting where they are, they could get a solid second-tier corner. But by taking Heyward, it almost is mandatory that they sign Ike Taylor.

John: Is the offensive line need as serious as many believe? Injury recovery alone will improve it significantly.

Jerry Micco: It will, but if you are going to stick with Flozell Adams at tackle he’s only got one year left. That’s if you move Colon inside to guard. If you don’t move Colon, then where do you play him? And if you don’t sign Colon, you don’t have a lot of depth. I still think you go OL at some point in this draft.

John: And more importantly, why is there a mascara ad on a football chat?

Jerry Micco: I don’t pick the ads, I do the chat. Coveritlive, the company that hosts the chats, sells the ads.

James_Taiwan: Jerry, what is your take on draft Cam Newton number one?

Jerry Micco: They had to have a QB in Carolina because Clausen is lost. And Newton is the best QB in the draft. Always a crap shoot, but if he pans out as expected, he’ll be good for years to come.

James_Taiwan: Is the NFL draft sometimes like throwing darts?

Jerry Micco: You bet. You hope the guy you take is the guy you need and he pans out better than you could have imagined. But it’s not a science.

Guest: Why do teams keep giving the Patriots more picks?

Jerry Micco: Because the Patriots have picks they can trade, so they are always a trading partner.

Jerry Micco: Aaron Williams being passed over again. Tells me that people are looking at him as a safety, not a CB.

James_Taiwan: Do you know how bad the Steelers 2009 draft was? Only Hood Keenan Lewis and Wallace are still with the Steelers. That could spell trouble for the Steelers in the future. I think that is a good reason the Steelers are in such desperate need of a CB.

Jerry Micco: One bad draft usually means you need 2 or 3 consecutive good drafts to make up for it.

John: Jerry, how many weeks of football do you think we’ll lose, if any?

Jerry Micco: I don’t think they’ll lose any regular season games. They may lose a couple preseason games.

James_Taiwan: Jerry, since the NFL draft is like throwing darts, then you don’t make a trade like the Falcons did yesterday. It is like playing darts and giving away three throws (three draft picks) to your opponents.

Jerry Micco: But if you miss with that one pick, and you take away all you depth in the draft, it’s a disaster for a couple years. Hey, the Falcons think they can win a Super Bowl with one or two players, so the gamble is well worth it.

Doug: Jerry – do you think we finally go with a CB in Round 2, or once again the best player available?

Jerry Micco: I think you have to look at best player and at your needs. CB is a need. So is OL. But if you have a very good running back there, do you draft the depth, especially if there is a speed guy available?

John: Hands off our CBs!

Jerry Micco: So long, Aaron Williams. We never knew ye.

James_Taiwan: I think the Steelers will take an offensive lineman.

Jerry Micco: There are some OL available deeper in the draft, depending on need. If you are going guard, you can draft deeper. Tackles you generally take higher.

James_Taiwan: Maybe Brown from Texas will be the Steelers 2nd round pick. Do the Steelers like Brown?

Jerry Micco: I think they do, and he’s a pure CB with good speed and nice size (6-0, 185).

John: Do you think Keenan Lewis can become a valuable part of the secondary? What about Sweed at WR? Thanks.

Jerry Micco: He’s going to need to go a long way to get himself on the field. I’m not sure he can do it. And he may be a safety in waiting.

Jerry Micco: Cincinnati completes a new batters: Dalton to AJ Green. Now, they had better draft defense.

James_Taiwan: Jerry, the Steelers will get to know Williams the next time they play the Bills.

Jerry Micco: And we’ll see how guys like Mike Wallace, Hines Ward and Emmanuel Sanders treat him. I think Williams eventually winds up at safety.

James_Taiwan: Jerry, will Sweed’s days as a Steeler be over this September?

Jerry Micco: That’s hard to say. He’s actually hurt by the labor situation. He can’t get in to work out as he recovers from his Achilles injury. I’d like to see him healthy and more experienced. He’s got the size and speed.

James_Taiwan: Interesting, Andy Dalton. The Steelers can eat him alive.

Jerry Micco: New QBs usually are dinner for great defenses.

Jerry Micco: Wonder what Denver will do here. You might see Brandon Harris here or an OLB like Akeem Ayers or Justin Houston.

John: Interesting set of QBs in the AFC North. This crew, if Dalton and McCoy pan out, could be around for a while.

Jerry Micco: That’s why you take QBs for your future. Still the most important position on the field.

James_Taiwan: Jerry, Hines may be retired before the Steelers face Aaron Williams.

Jerry Micco: Maybe, but you never count the guy out. He may play a couple more years.

James_Taiwan: Dalton, Flacco, Big Ben, and Colt McCoy! Who wins the AFC North in five years?

Jerry Micco: Never count out the Steelers.

James_Taiwan: Jerry, the winner will probably be the team that drafts the best defense. So have to like the picks Heyward and Hood!

Jerry Micco: But they are going to need CBs, too, to negate two guys who could be very good QBs in five years.

Jerry Micco: Second Pitt player taken, as the Brownies take Jabaal Sheard. A nice pick by Cleveland. If he develops, Sheard wil be a very capable pass rusher in the NFL.

Damian: Jerry, I love Heyward for the Steelers, but wouldn’t Dowling looked good in our secondary. After he ran a sub-4.4 40 he should have been considered pretty strongly by the Steelers in the first.

Jerry Micco: I’m sure they liked him, but look at Dowling’s injury history in college, and it might have scared you off. Still, NE thinks enough of him to ignore that history.

James_Taiwan: Difficult to draft a CB when you draft 31st!

Jerry Micco: And CBs who are drafted high don’t always work out. Sure, you can cite plenty of first-round picks who were great corners, but there are more who weren’t. Ike Taylor was a fourth rounder, so it doesn’t matter where you’re picked, but how you learn your job once you’re in the league.

Damian: I would have owed you money on the Aaron Williams prediction.

Jerry Micco: That’s why I didn’t take the bet. We all need to hang on to our money these days!

James_Taiwan: Jerry, interesting that Crosby comes out today and admitted that he had concussion like symptoms a week and a half ago! Why the wait to come public with it?

Jerry Micco: Because the NHL is like the CIA with injuries.

Damian: I’ve heard a lot of draft experts say that Curtis Brown could develop into a better CB than Aaron Williams? Do you think Brown would be a good fit for the black and gold?

Jerry Micco: I said at the top of the chat that him and Jonny Patrick of Louisville are a couple names to watch as the Steelers pick comes up.

John: You think Ryan Mallett would have ever believed he’d be the 7th (at best) QB taken. He probably doesn’t, but he should feel like a fool for blowing it.

Jerry Micco: When we’re applying for a job, we’re judged on everything you do and everything you say. Mallett is finding that out. He may last as long as Washington or even longer, as Oakland picks 16th.

Damian: At least Crosby’s post concussion symptoms are much more sympathetic than Ben’s broken toe.

john: How is the health of Romeus of Pitt

Jerry Micco: I’ve not heard anything about that.

John: I’m sure the Redskins will be tempted by Mallett.

Jerry Micco: They should have him available when they pick after Tennessee and Dallas. Unless Oakland can swing a trade with one of those teams to get ahead of Washington.

James_Taiwan: Will Curtis Brown still be available when the Steelers draft?

Jerry Micco: I think so.

Damian: If no CBs are available worth taking, what do you think about Marcus Gilbert at Tackle?

Jerry Micco: Gilbert is a very solid pick. Marcus Cannon, G, TCU and Miami G Orlando Franklin would be nice pickups, too. But I suspect the latter 2 will be gone.

john: Is Wesnewski a possibility for the Steelers

Jerry Micco: I don’t see him going past the mid-point of this round. And maybe to Oakland if a QB is not available.

Tship: Jerry do you know much about the CB from Louisville really only heard his name recently?

Jerry Micco: Good cover guy with some speed. But he’s not quite NFL ready yet. Still, he’s rated pretty high by most draft experts.

Tship: Burton from Utah has also been mentioned for the steelers the end of this round

Jerry Micco: I think Burton will be gone before 31, but if he’s there, he’s probably better than Patrick or Brown, so if he’s there, you have to pick him. Same with Brandon Harris of Miami.

Damian: Do you think Chris Scott will be a legit possibility to start at RG or RT now that he is healthy?

Jerry Micco: Adams will play RT if Colon does not. I’m not sure if Chris Scott gives you a legitimate starting guard.

Jerry Micco: Dallas up, maybe a linebacker. How far will Da’Quan Bowers fall? Amazing. Someone will either get a great DL or he’ll never do much because of his injury.

Tship: Is Cannon’s status still a second rounder with the recent medical diagnosis?

Jerry Micco: Probably. He is so big, almost too big, so he could be there late in round 2.

Jerry Micco: Maybe Ryan Mallett here.

Jerry Micco: How must Da’Quan Bowers feel to see his teammate, who to me is a reach in round 2, get drafted ahead of him.

John: A shame about Bowers.

Damian: The further Mallett falls, the more the drug and personality rumors appear more of a reality.

Jerry Micco: Rumors are nasty. If there’s proof, he’s doomed to keep falling. I just can’t see him getting past Oakland.

Jerry Micco: Of the first 9 second-round picks, 4 are from the ACC.

Chief Powhatan: Hi Jerry, by the way, can I borrow your Mel Kiper ’11 draft book when this is over?

Jerry Micco: You know, I don’t ever get Mel’s book. Never seen it, actually. I buy 3 or 4 mags and look them over.

Damian: Mallett has a stronger arm than any of the other QBs except maybe Newton. I think he has a bigger upside than the other QBs as well.

Jerry Micco: But that off-field stuff can really get in the way. Again, he’s got the physical tools, but is it worth taking that chance? I think it will be for Oakland.

John: Ryan Leaf had upside too. If Oakland doesn’t take Mallett, maybe Seattle? Then maybe Round 3. Wow.

Damian: Mallett probably doesn’t have enough character problems for Oakland

Jerry Micco: If you are desperate for a QB, and Oakland is, then you look over them. However, after Jamarcus Russell, maybe you can’t do Mallett.

James_Taiwan: Any chance of the Steelers taking Bowers if he is available?

Jerry Micco: No, because he’s not projected as a 3-4 lineman.

HmmHah: Why would we take a chance on Bowers when 31 other teams see issues. We have too many needs to take a chance with our only 2nd round pick.

Tship: Jerry I know we need a corner but any chance they take Kendrick Ellis the big nose tackle at the end of this round?

Jerry Micco: The guy who got thrown out of South Carolina? I don’t think the Steelers draft guys who get bounced out of school.

Jerry Micco: The Lions could take Brandon Harris here.

Jerry Micco: Young was connected with the Steelers in round 2 or 3, but Detroit puts that one to rest.

HmmHah: Any chance we take the Punter out of William and Mary with our 2nd round pick??? Kidding of course.

Jerry Micco: Not a chance.

Chief Powhatan: We’re definitely going defense with our pick, right Jerry?

Jerry Micco: I don’t know. If there’s a great OL there they like, it’s a need area. Or, and no one will believe this, there could be a couple of good RBs a the end of round 2.

John: What do you think of Tebow, out of curiosity?

Jerry Micco: I don’t think he’ll be a great NFL QB. Serviceable. Nice intangibles, but not a great QB.

John: The Lions could be pretty good if Stafford is healthy.

Jerry Micco: I wanted them to take Amukamara in round 1, but Fairly is a good pick. Their DL is now very solid. And Young is an Emmanuel Sanders type.

Chief Powhatan: That’s a pretty cool thing letting former HOF’ers announce the selections. Who’s your pick for the guy representing Pittsburgh? Franco? Rocky? Lambert?

Jerry Micco: I like it, too. Maybe Lynn Swann?

SHeriff: Not a lot of cb’s going yet are there?

Jerry Micco: Not yet. Or safeties. Don’t discount a safety for the Steelers. Maybe in round 3.

Jerry Micco: Denver has 2 picks in a row. Watch for a CB here.

Damian: I think Franco is the guy.

Tship: They already said it will be Franco

Jerry Micco: OK, so there.

Jerry Micco: If it’s Rahim Moore, he’s the best safety in the draft. Excellent pick by Denver if it indeed is him.

SHeriff: Just got done work trying to catch up!

Damian: If Paea put on about 10 more pounds, wouldn’t you think he would be a good nose to replace Hampton? He’s got the strength and he’s a squat 6’2”

Jerry Micco: And the Steelers don’t need him to play much for a year or two. But he’s going to have to put on 20 pounds just to get to 315. But he can play the position. I like Fione Nua of Stanford maybe in round 3.

Jerry Micco: Will this be Da’Quan Bowers or a trade?


Jerry Micco: Lot of guys picking in between. I think Paea may be a New England guy and they have 2 picks ahead of Pittsburgh.

Jerry Micco: DB has to be a higher priority than DL right now. Or OL if the right guy is there.

Jerry Micco: The Steelers have the 63rd pick. Denver just make the 45th. A lot of picks to go. But if they are looking OL/DB, I think someone will be there they like. Or, and this is a reach for them, trade out of round 2 and pick up an extra 3 and maybe a 4.

Chief Powhatan: Is there a sense of relief in the sports department that this round is 7 min., and Round 3 is shorter, at 5 min.?

Jerry Micco: It is what it is. We deal with it. Sure, we like stuff to get done early so we can get it to more of our readers, but with the Web, we get it all to everyone.

Jerry Micco: Franklin was on my list of guys to take in round 2 if you’re the Steelers. Scratch him.

rov: Hopefully the Steelers number 2 pick is like Woodley and less like Anthony Smith

Pablo: At what point do the Steelers decide to move up and grab Harris? Kind of shocked he has made it nearly halfway thru round 2.

Jerry Micco: He’s a bit small, so that may scare some folks off. he’s not physical, either. But he’s a very good cover guy.

Damian: I think last year we were saying the same thing about Steelers and DBs. Of course, they picked up McFadden later in the draft, but I don’t know if they will ever draft for need.

Jerry Micco: They did draft for need with Heyward. The DL is old. They needed a DE, and Heyward was the last true 3-4 end left.

Potato Bud: Dejuan Blair’s stock fell because of knee concerns. Which do you think is more punishing on the knees, the NFL or the NBA?

Jerry Micco: Tough call. The NFL attacks the knees and big bodies can fall on the back of your legs even when you don’t expect it.

Sarcastic Sword: greatest late round Steeler pick ever? Mike Wagner

Jerry Micco: Pretty good 10th rounder. Donnie Shell was a FA as was Willie Parker.

rov: Jerry can you give us the top 3 players at each position

Jerry Micco: I don’t have the time to do that, sorry

Tship: I think as long as one of the three corners Harris, Brown or Burton is there they will stay put, remember we all wanted them to trade up last night I think we just need to trust them

Jerry Micco: If one of those 3 guys are there, the Steelers may snag one.

rov: Jerry, meant to say top 3 at CB, OL and QB

Jerry Micco: Let me see if I can get a moment to do that. I’ll give it a shot.

Guest: Why don’t the Steelers ever draft SEC players?

Jerry Micco: Like Maurkice Pouncey?

Pablo: Raiders just grabbed Wisniewski…his uncle worked out pretty well for them.

Pablo: @Tship…but Harris is significantly better than the other 2. He won’t be on the board at #63

James_Taiwan: What team is most likely to snag Brandon Harris before the Steelers do?

Jerry Micco: Maybe Tampa Bay or the Eagles.

Jerry Micco: Will Ryan Mallett go here to the Skins?

James_Taiwan: Jerry what do you do to get away from sports? We chat with you for fun. What do you do when you have had enough of your day job?

Jerry Micco: Read a lot of history, political and sports books. I was a political science major in college, so I like to read biographies, etc.

Potato Bud: nice one Jerry. how about Mike Wallace, Hines Ward, and Ryan Clark from the SEC too.

Jerry Micco: I just figured Pouncey made the point. Let alone Max Starks and Scott, the guard from Tennessee.

Pablo: I was thinking Mallett to Skins but they traded the pick to Indy. Maybe hoping he will be there at 53 (the pick they just got)

Jerry Micco: I wonder if they are looking at Bowers or Paea?

Pablo: Ryan Clark wasn’t a Steeler draft pick

Jerry Micco: Colts take a guard and tackle in their first 2 picks. Peyton Manning on his backside so often makes you react in the draft. Nice picks, both of them.

Jerry Micco: The tackle was Costanzo of Boston College

James_Taiwan: Jerry, you should check out the book “You are What you Speak”.

Jerry Micco: I will.

James_Taiwan: I wonder if there is any chance we see the Steelers move up to 22?

James_Taiwan: Do you think Curtis Brown if he is the Steelers pick can start in 2011? The Steelers may have no other choice than to start Brown.

Jerry Micco: They have other choices, not good ones, but it’s a tough league for rookie CBs.

Pablo: The Bowers watch is finally over….goes to TB

Damian: Go out on a limb, but Randal Cobb would look good as a Hines replacement.

Damian: Tough to be a starter at any position as a rookie, when you won’t get the playbook until August or later.

Jerry Micco: And it looks like that will be the likely scenario.

Battle: Randall Cobb is a Hines Ward clone, he would be an excellent choice for the steelers

Jerry Micco: And the Steelers have interest there. I’m not sure it’s a position of huge need.

Vince: Jerry, how do you feel watching all these corners fly off the board. The thought of Gay and Mcfadden spread out in a 3 or 4 reciever set gives me chills.

Jerry Micco: Top 3 CBs available: Brandon Harris, Miami; Brandon Burton, Utah; Curtis Brown, Texas. My ranking, so take that for what it’s worth.

Vince: I wonder how the front office feels watching NE take corners in front of us. They have a nice reputation of turning them into solid cover guys.

Jerry Micco: New England has taken 1 CB, Ras-I Dowling, who probably was picked a bit high. I don’t see NE going CB again in this round.

James_Taiwan: Jerry, unless the players are locked out until August, I see no choice but starting Harris or Curtis Brown if the Steelers choose one of them!

Jerry Micco: But the draftees are locked out, too.

Jerry Micco: And they don’t know the playbook.

Jerry Micco: OL here for the Giants?

Tship: there should be a corner there when they pick the question is whether they have him ranked high enough

Potato Bud: would you be shocked if the steelers went OL instead of DB?

Jerry Micco: Not at all. OL is a big need position.

Battle: i have to agree though, not another year of the Gay & MCFaddon show. PLEASE !

James_Taiwan: Do you see the Steelers trying to find another band aid CB to try to hold things together for another year a la McFadden?

Jerry Micco: Depends if Taylor leaves. Imagine that scenario.

Jerry Micco: When you look at the board, some solid OL there. Guys like Rackley of Lehigh; Cannon of TCU; Gilbert of Florida and even Jason Pinkston of Pitt.

Potato Bud: DB is such a hit or miss position. i remember thinking mcfadden was going to be an impact guy. OL is the safer route for 2nd round.

Tship: Jerry that would be armageddon

Jerry Micco: That’s why the Steelers will pay Ike Taylor.

James_Taiwan: If Taylor leaves Big Ben might have a shot at the first 5,000 yard passing season in Steelers history!

Jerry Micco: Not the way to win in the NFL. It’s a passing league and if you can’t cover guys, then you need to get after the QB. See: Super Bowl XLV

Potato Bud: swagga’

Damian: There are other corner back free agents who can actually catch the ball. I would guess Colbert would find someone to fill the void if absolutely necessary. Dwayne Washington was a good free agent CB not too long ago

Jerry Micco: That’s the mystery, though. If you lose Taylor is there a comparable corner? Taylor, for all the knocks he takes, is a very good CB. He takes away half the field. He’s not All-Pro, but he’s very good.

Vince: Perhaps Tomlin and crew are going to break out with a huge surprise gift …. Nnamdi Asomugha . After all, they had a nice surprise last year bringing back MCfadden (I wonder who thought he was the savior). There is reason why Arizona let him go so cheap.

James_Taiwan: Jerry, without Taylor the Steelers will finish 9-7 or 10-6 and will be fighting for a Wild Card.

Jerry Micco: I thought they would be 9-7 last year. See what I know.

Jerry Micco: So much for Seafood Paea. Bears nab him trading up from one spot ahead of the Steelers.

Vince: Jerry, Taylor also give up at least ONE big play a game. See 3rd and long in the superbowl.

Jerry Micco: Let’s see what the bidding is for him, though. I guarantee teams will bid fairly high for him.

Jerry Micco: Maybe Brandon Harris or Brandon Burton goes here to Phily

James_Taiwan: Jerry, I know that you were picking the Steelers to finish 9-7 since the first chat. I think I predicted 11-5 in the final chat before the regular season.

Potato Bud: i think philly is going to grab harris now.

Jerry Micco: Chicago must’ve thought Philly or KC wanted Paea and made the trade. Only surrendered a 4th, not a bad trade for the Bears. They also got Gabe Carimi in round 1. Nice draft for them so far.

Jerry Micco: That’s a third-round pick. Steelers may be lucking out again because of a few picks.

Jerry Micco: New England is at 56 and 60. I don’t think they will go DB, but they control the next group of picks. Wonder if Bellichick will trade?

Tship: Jerry any way the steelers trade a pick from next year and or package later rounds picks this year and go for brake and take two corners in this round

Jerry Micco: They rarely trade future picks, so I doubt it. I go back to what Colbert said before the draft. He wants more picks, not less.

Jerry Micco: OL here maybe for KC.

James_Taiwan: Harris is still on the board. Do the Steelers prefer Harris or Brown?

Jerry Micco: Probably Harris.

Pablo: Yeah to KC

Pablo: Close enough to their spot at this point that Steelers can swap 2nd rounders and give up a 4th to move up

Jerry Micco: They could, though with Vereen, the Patriots made a pick that does not hurt the Steelers. And he’s a round or 2 high for me.

Damian: What about Justin Houston to Pittsburgh, it would be big value, and they have to consider the possibility that Woodley may not come back (however far fetched that may seem).

Jerry Micco: Woodley is franchised, so he’s here. I think LB maybe in round 4.

Damian: Here’s another left field possibility, Jacquiz Rodgers to fill the 3rd down spot.

Jerry Micco: Fun guy. Fun to watch. Very small. And not as put together as Darren Sproles. But a really fun guy to watch.

Pablo: Neither Seattle nor Balto should go CB

James_Taiwan: Can the Steelers find another good receiver in the third round Ward, Wallace, Sanders?

Jerry Micco: I’d not count out Cleveland to land a CB opposite Joe Haden.

Damian: So long as the franchise tag still counts next year

Jerry Micco: I think it was done under the old agreement. And that likely will stand.

Pablo: Uh oh…Lions just traded up…maybe to get Harris

James_Taiwan: Jerry there may not be any franchised players with the new agreement but I believe that Woodley already signed the contract so he must abide by the contract he signed.

Jerry Micco: Baltimore may go offense here. Cleveland picks behind them, and may take a CB. Either way, I think a good CB will be around for the Steelers if they want to go that way. And they won’t take one, but there will be some pretty good WRs there, too.

Dave from Munhall: Jerry shouldn’t we draft a Kicker since Suisman is average at best. Belicheck drafted Stephen Gostoski high. I say we draft Alex Henry from Nebraska in the 3rd round

Jerry Micco: Can probably get Henry later than that. Too valuable a choice to take a kicker.

Pablo: LeShoure is a nice player…but why goes Detroit trade up for him when they got Jahvid Best last year?

Jerry Micco: Probably makes the case that the Steelers should take a CB.

James_Taiwan: Jerry what’s your opinion of ESPN ‘Insiders’? Do they know anything or are they full of hot air?

Jerry Micco: Not watching ESPN here. NFL Network on in my corner of the room.

Taos Tiger: Ravens go WR. If they don’t go OL soon a vertical threat won’t get a chance to get down field.

Potato Bud: lions may actually make thanksgiving games more than background noise during my gluttony

Jerry Micco: I’m not sure the LeShoure is that good a pick. As someone mentioned, you just picked Jahvid Best last year.

James_Taiwan: If both Harris and Curtis Brown are available it will be interesting to see who the Steelers pick.

James_Taiwan: It will be interesting to see how Torrey Smith does in the AFC North.

Tship: No excuse not to take a corner now there will be one there that grades out

Steeltown: late to the party tonight…lets hope Harris keeps dropping

Damian: How about Greg Little as a flier at wide out. He is the big high jumper the Steelers don’t have.

Jerry Micco: He’s a very good WR. Maybe on the third round, though.

Pablo: Torrey Smith is a good pick for Ravens. They really needed speed at WR

James_Taiwan: Jerry there is a reason that Detroit is a downtrodden franchise. That is what happens when you have many needs and then draft LeShoure.

Jerry Micco: Though I did like the Fairley pick.

Jerry Micco: OK, Cleveland and Baltimore take WRs. Now, you need to take a corner if you’re the Steelers.

Steeltown: After more research even less enthralled with last nights pick.. going to be a 2 down player – not a pass rusher-

Pablo: James, Detroit has clearly been going in the right direction for the last few years. They just need to figure out how to keep Stafford healthy.

Jerry Micco: I think Heyward won’t play much for a year, maybe two. But when he does, he’ll play 3 downs. DEs in the 3-4 aren’t supposed to be big pass rushers. The LBs get most of the sacks.

Jerry Micco: With the trade of this pick, NE picks up Houston’s third-round pick. They will pick back to back early in round 3.

Vince: i hope the steelers front office is watching

James_Taiwan: Jahvid Best only averaged 3.2 yards a carry last year. Looks like the Lions could use an offensive lineman.

Steeltown: BIGO Jerry we needed one last night 2!!!

Vince: AFC north taking lots of receivers…

James_Taiwan: Calvin Johnson is a nice player but Detroit still is missing a lot of pieces.


Vince: Tru jerry, but if offenses decide to spread the steelers out (which everyone has learned can beat them), It will drop LB’s into coverage, making a rusher off the end a necessity

Jerry Micco: The Steelers think Heyward will develop into a pass rusher.

Steeltown: true that Jerry but 3 1/2 sacks as a senior and 2 were when he lined up inside not at end

Damian: Heyward and hood are going to be monsters up front for the next ten years. Unfortunately that’s a lot of money at DE for a 3 4

Larry The Cable Guy: I think the Steelers should draft Leonard Hankerson at WR. He can get er done

Vince: im disgusted

Pablo: There goes Harris

Jerry Micco: Houston knew Pittsburgh had their eye on him. Good move by them.

Tship: Brown or Burton who will it be

Jerry Micco: I think Brown

James_Taiwan: Brown, a receiver, or Cannon? Who will it be?

rov: harris size will be an issue

Battle: Harris was too small for a corner, think you need a taller corner in the AFC North.

Steeltown: we are so screwed sign asa whatever from Oakland or season is over allready

Tship: Mallet to the Redskins

James_Taiwan: Marcus Cannon or Brown, who will it be?

Jerry Micco: I think Brown. Cannon has some weight issues. But I also know the Steelers liked him. They also like Florida T, Marcus Gilbert, too.

Steeltown: get used to watchin wr score and the backs of gay & company chasin em into the end zone..

James_Taiwan: Could Mallet possibly fall to the 3rd round?

Tship: There’s no way this isn’t a corner is there?

Jerry Micco: I’m not sure if CB is the pick for the Steelers here. I know they have OL needs, too.

Jerry Micco: Maybe Mallett here for the Skins.

Jerry Micco: The CBs left are a good drop from the top level guys. I wonder if the Steelers will bet on getting a CB in round 3. There may be better OLs here for value rather than CBs

Vince: harris was not too small for a corner…. go back and take a look at the size of many corners in the league.

Battle: i like T, Marcus with this Steeler’s Pick

James_Taiwan: I would like to see the Steelers take Cannon!

Damian: Marcus Gilbert could be the pick

Tship: If it isn’t a corner what do you think Gilbert or maybe Rackley

Vince: Sad, really sad, some nice corners would put this team over the top, before they really start to age. Imagine just ONE other guy who could cover…unstoppable defense.

Steeltown: Jerry this is a serious question– if we don’t sign Oke or Asa (forget trying to spell his name) do honestly think we have ANY chance of making the playoffs

Jerry Micco: You went to the SB with what you had this year.

Battle: well here we go, Mallet to the FISH

Guest: Kevin Colbert knows he has to go WR here. The NFL is a passing league and Randle El 40 yr old Hinesl and Arnaz Battle won’t cut it

Steeltown: Vince is 100% correct

Jerry Micco: Marcus Gilbert is the Steelers pick.

SHeriff: Guard or tackle is fine with me…

Steeltown: & you saw what hapened Jerry now take away Ike add noone we have zero corners that are even decent average NFL starters

Jerry Micco: Well, that CB will come later than the second round. Steelers tweeting they took Marcus Gilbert, T, Florida.

James_Taiwan: Jerry who will announe the Steelers selection?

Jerry Micco: Franco

Taos Tiger: You can’t take an inferior CB over a good OL

Damian: Almost a full Florida Gator o line

Vince: well have to live with corners who play 10 yards deep on a 3rd and 2, only to easily give up 5 yards because they are scared to get beat. This is the only secondary I know where you have a 75% chance to convert a 3rd and 10 with a pass.

James_Taiwan: Jerry but this year Taylor may be gone as well. Can the Steelers really go deep in the playoffs with Gay and McFadden? Though sometimes finding a cornerback is like picking up relief pitchers in baseball.

James_Taiwan: Jerry they are not

Jerry Micco: Not what?


Damian: Does anyone really think any of these cbs on the board right now would be better than McFadden who started in two superbowls. Granted they aren’t great, but no rookie is going to be a quick fix

Jerry Micco: There are still CBs you could take in round 3. Plenty left.

QuitWhining: This is the whiniest group of people on a chat ever. Your team just went to the Super Bowl, and Kevin Colbert is a proven great drafter. I am sure if Ike leaves they will find somebody to fill his shoes. I am also sure they will get one or two backs later in the draft.

Tship: Jerry the way they seem to be dealing with the corners is like last year when they had a plan with Mcfadden do you think they have target someone in free agency and that may be contributing t the picks

Jerry Micco: Free agency is the wild card. Who knows, they may have a guy in mind. None of the CBs left will start for the Steelers. If they lose Ike, they will go FA. I’m not saying they are set at CB, but they can pick up a CB in round 3 and he can learn the system and maybe play some.

James_Taiwan: I wonder if any team other than the Skins is interested in Mallet.

Steeltown: They should have traded up for Prince…no cb who drops to the third round is gonna be an instant decent starter lets be real

James_Taiwan: great pick Jerry

Battle: YES YES YES, Marcus Gilbert !!!!

James_Taiwan: Jerry, I love that the Steelers picked Gilbert. It might hurt this year or next but in the long term great move.

SHeriff: Versatile and HUGE

Pablo: Matt Williamson, who knows the Steelers as well as anyone, likes the pick. Gruden seems to think his play doesn’t measure up to his pedigree.

Taos Tiger: The Steelers got a kid that is versatile has good footwork and can be developed into a solid tackle

Jerry Micco: Again, I’m not sure Gilbert is a great pick or not. He fits a position of need because Starks and Colon are off surgeries and Flozell is in his final contract year. And he’s 37. They needed a tackle.

Steeltown: Quit whining we are fans who watch games.. the steelers obvious flaw is dbs & they have not addressed a glaring need especially when we may be losing our number 1 corner to FA…Gay & McFadden as your starters is like a turnstile defense no matter how =good they are upfront

ChrisM361: Where’s the beef? Its right here 6’6″ 330 marcus gilbert

Damian: Gator offensive line. Move Starks to RT in a couple of years.

Tship: We have gotten two really good players so it has been a success so far but just disappointing one isn’t a corner

James_Taiwan: All we need now is another WR or a backup QB like Ricky Stanzi

Pablo: Wow…Pack gets another stud WR…how many weapons does Aaron Rodgers need?

Tship: Jerry if Gilbert pans out do they kick Colon inside

Jerry Micco: Likely. If they sign him.

Steeltown: Gilbert is a project pick.. we have a window that is open to get to the bowl now–we need help now

James_Taiwan: Randall ‘Tex’ Cobb was a great Boxer

Steeltown: Steelers vs pack who do we have to cover ANY of their receivers

SHeriff: Too much worrying about secondary. Yes a weak link but improve the OL, control the clock. Improve the pass rush, less time DB’S have to cover.. Gems are found late in every draft. Colbert has done tremendous job. Give jim his due…

Jerry Micco: And reminder: there is free agency that at some point will kick in. If they sign Taylor, they may try to live with McFadden or Gay on the other side this year. Again, they were 12-4 last season.

Taos Tiger: It took time for Troy Palamalu to develop. No rookie is going to master the Steelers system in one year.

Jerry Micco: And, they may go CB in round 3. They do have another pick tonight.

James_Taiwan: Do the Steelers continue their trend and draft a receiver again in the 3rd round?

Jerry Micco: I’m not sure they will look offense again in round 3. Maybe LB, though. Inside LB

NeedDB: Heyward is a great pick…. if we actually needed another end to occupy blockers and 1st round money while our 2nd CB is eaten alive

QuitWhining: Steeltown. Have you read somewhere that our two starters are Gay and McFadden, because you seem pretty sure about that. How often do the same two teams that go to a Super Bowl go back the next year. Why are you worried about the Packers who we don’t play?

HmmHah: Brandon Hogan will be a Steeler. 3rd Round Pick

Vince: @quitwhining: You mean like bringing back mcfadden (who gave up 9/140)… letting Gay cover one of the best receivers in the league one-on-one, knowing he constantly gets beat. … Perhaps you havent been following the draft, any CB worth picking is gone. The steelers run a 3-4 defense, when you spread them out it forces one-on-one coverage. If you get no pressure, they are easily beat. When you go 4 or 5 wide on them, it forces Troy and the LBs into coverage. There is a reason why they gave up so many 4th quarter leads over the last two years… PEOPLE START PASSING ON THEM. This is no surprise to no one. Even during their SB win over Arizona, the weakness was exposed. I LOVE MY TEAM, which is one reason why im soo frustrated. They are a “shut down corner” away from total domination.!!!

Steeltown: Sheriff pack adds a stud receiver we lose Ike.. how in the world can we win vegas odds would be pack by 16

Pablo: Steeltown…hope you have put the sharp knives away…your are in full out panic mode…take a breath

Steeltown: Let Ike go sign asa & we have a chance we need at least one stud cb

James_Taiwan: Jerry I remember how excited I got when we drafted Joe Burnette. Be careful what you wish for

Jerry Micco: And I don’t know if a kid like Crezdon Butler has improved enough to play, either.

Swizzle: I understand the concern, but do some of you live your life in constant negativity? This team is consistently competing for a Super Bowl…if you were a Browns fan then you’d have a reason to be negative…geesh

Guest: Jerry my sources have told me that the Steelers are looking at TE in the 3rd round. Matt Spaeth is gone

Steeltown: Vince you obviously have a football backround as do I, I’m not gonna say I know 1/3 of what Colbert does but I can tell you right now there is no way we return to the sb without Ike (& even then I doubt it) or a STUD CB..teams are gonna go 4-5 wide all season there will be no time to rush

James_Taiwan: Maybe we should see if we can join a Browns draft chat and see what the mood is like?

Pablo: @Swizzle…exactly! Steeltown is concerned about matchups in some future Super Bowl between Pitt and GB that will very likely never occur.

Matt: browns have actually drafted well but …

James_Taiwan: Jerry any chance we get Greg Romulus?

Jerry Micco: I don’t think Romeus is the kind of guy who fits their scheme.

NeedDB: Not just Packers… Manning or Brady would have exposed our DBs – we were just lucky not to see them in the playoffs. Not negative – just true.

Steeltown: Sorry I call em like I see em.. I would be positive if their were anything to be positive about we got an average DL and a project lineman who may 2-3 yrs down the road be a pro bowl player or bust..and NO help for our pitiful secondary

John: Jerry, signing the Raiders’ corner is not realistic, right?

Jerry Micco: I think the cost will be prohibitive. As for the secondary, would a healthy Polamalu and McFadden been a help in the Super Bowl. Both were injured and likely would not have played in a regular-season game.

DC: Besides Asamugha what other decent free-agent CB’s are available, who won’t clean out Dan Rooney’s wallet?

Guest: Cameran Hayward has the potential to be a lot better than Keisel at DE and Gilbert is a potential LT that they got at the end of the 2nd round. Settle down.

James_Taiwan: Jerry would Gabe Rivera been a Pro Bowler?

Jerry Micco: I thought he could play at that level, yes.

Guest: What about picking Johnathan Joseph from Cincy? He might come at a far lower cost.

Swizzle: At least we’re not Denver and drafting randomly. They have chosen for NEED. Oline is always a need and Dline is olllllld

Taos Tiger: If there isn’t a strong DB on the board late in round 1 or 2 how can the Steelers justify wasting a pick?

James_Taiwan: Jerry, the real worry is how can Troy stay health for an entire season? Troy is a great player but always injured.

Vince: The steelers better not draft Brandon Hogan… my son actually know him… not exactly the best character in the world. :) On a more positive note, seeing franco harris was pretty nice.

John: Jeez, Ryan Mallett must have killed someone. Either he’s beyond hope, or there’s a kind of herd effect going on: as more and more picks pass, teams become afraid to be the one to make the “big mistake”.

Damian: Re Mallet: You don’t want your Franchise QB on drugs just like you don’t want them in bathrooms with college girls

James_Taiwan: Jerry how do the Steelers assign jersey numbers they gave out Swann’s 88 last year but never 12. 32. 58.75

Jerry Micco: I believe the only retired jersey is Ernie Stautner. they don’t believe in retiring numbers, but some are not issued. I don’t think 59 is, either.

HmmHah: Ryan Mallett’s arms and upper body are like the build of Jimmy “J.J.” Walker. You would think someone like him would have put some time in the weight room. Plus I think he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Damian: Jerry, how close are you to the Bill Nunn war room?

Jerry Micco: Not far, but the Steelers don’t let us head back that way.

ChrisM361: wow marvin lewis sd carson palmer is retired

Pablo: @John…I know…Mallett seems to be a total pariah….apparently NFL execs and coaches figure a guy that smoked pot in college can’t play football…Certainly the Steelers would never employ an effective player that happened to light up once in a while….oh wait

Steeltown: Ok FYI I am 46 yrs old and grew uo in da burgh fam had season tickets throughtout the 70′s. I played & coached for over 20 years.. again I am not saying I know 1/100th of the steelers brass but I know enough to tell ya right now we have zero chance at the bowl next year without Ike or Asa..even with Ike against premiere teams & qbs our dbs are so weak they are going to go 4-5 wide..colts Pats, pack will destroy us sorry I call em like I see em take off your back and gold rose colored glasses and realize our god if troy got hurt could very well be the worst in the league..

Damian: And you get paid to cover the draft too. As a fellow poli sci major, you are my new idol.

Jerry Micco: I appreciate that, but you need to find a new idol. I’m hardly a good one. But, sports and politics are kind of the same. Winners, losers, ettc.

Guest: Leonard Hankerson is still on the board

Ryan mallet: seriously?

Damian: I wish I could get paid for evaluating NFL talent instead of waiting tables

Jerry Micco: Very few folks make money doing that. You’ll move on from the tables one day, too.

HmmHah: Mallet falls to the 4th or 5th round.

Mike: Jerry, with where the Steelers pick in round 3…who is the best CB we can honestly hope for?

Jerry Micco: Well, arguably, you may have guys like Johnny Patrick and Curtis Brown still there. How about Brandon Burton or Chykie Brown, one of the 2 Browns of Texas CBs. Or even Chimidi Chekwa of Ohio St.

Panther83: Do the Steelers trade up now to get a CB or do they wait ?

Jerry Micco: They’ll wait.

Frenchy Fuqua: I think the Saints have had a great draft

Jerry Micco: I’m not as impressed with Marquez Wilson as many others are.

Damian: The last post wasn’t from me, I’m a lawyer and would love to have Jerry’s job any day

Jerry Micco: I’d like your paycheck, though!

NeedDB: Shareece Wright from USC might make it – but still too little and way too late. Steeltown has it dead on.

Jerry Micco: He very well could be there.

James_Taiwan: Any chance Brown is still on the table when the Steelers draft in round three?

Jerry Micco: You never know. This draft is deep, so you may see a guy like Brown there at 95 when the Steelers pick.

Ralph The Plumber: I say the Steelers need another OT. Remember being stuck with Jonathan Scott

Pablo: @Panther, if they didn’t trade up 3 spots to get Brandon Harris, they won’t trade up to get the next level of CBs

James_Taiwan: Jerry, there are many small town lawyers who probably earn the same salary as you do!

Jerry Micco: I want that big, corporate law firm lawyer paycheck, though.

Panther83: I think Curtis Brown possible 3rd round pick or Jalil Brown or DeMarcus Van Dyke 4th rd

Damian: This is a late round question, but do you see Greg Lloyd part II manning the middler for the Steelers?

Jerry Micco: No.

Jerry Micco: Looks like Mallett to New England.

Jerry Micco: No, a RB from LSU. New England picks again, though.

James_Taiwan: Do you think the Steelers will draft a guard before the draft is over?

Panther83: Sure looks like we could have a choice of few decent CB’s, none are coming off the board (hope I did not speak to soon)

Motown steeler: keep an eye on CB Roberto Lowe from eastern michigan

BillBelicheck: Everybody has been saying how bad of a pick Ryan Mallett is, but now that I am picking him; it is a genius pick. I am the one and only genius of the NFL>

James_Taiwan: Interesting, can Mallett be Brady’s successor?

Damian: Since Colbert has been drafting, he has nailed every first round pick, but he makes some reaches in the third. For every Mike Wallace, you have a Willie Reid and an Anthony Smith.

Damian: Jerry I make most of my money in class action suits. LOL

Damian: Marcus Cannon maybe

Mike: Jerry, I have watched a lot of games where Kemoeatu made blatently late hits on players in the pale. Do you think if he does not put an end to this that he will not be around much longer?

Jerry Micco: Everyone is judged on their play. I think Kemoeatu is a guy who they like, but isn’t untouchable.

Jerry Micco: OK, Mallett gone now. Tom Brady and Ryan Mallett. Should be interesting.

Tship: If Rackley the guard from Lehigh is there it could be a possibility in this round

Damian: Jerry, I’m not the one posting half of these posts with my name on it

Jerry Micco: May want to change your name. I can’t tell who’s who. Sorry

Steeltown: Thanks needdb… we actually need 2-3 db’s … but I would be happy with 1 stud… facts are facts –I can’t believe people are buying what they are sellin with this draft.. UNLESS they have a secret unsteeler like plan to sign Asa then I will be the happiest steeltowner of the year.. we are SO CLOSE and its painfully obvious what we need…as it stands now we’ll be drafting about 15th next yr

Motown steeler: or Demti Moore – OT – from eastern mich

Guest: Bottom Line no matter the Pats have done they have not won a SB since Spygate. Fact

Steeltown: At this point I like Rackley- hope he lasts but he isn’t gonna be able to cover anybody

Motown steeler: ne actually helping us out

James_Taiwan: Other than center and punter, what position do you think the Steelers will not draft this year?

Jerry Micco: Quarterback and tight end. Just a guess.

Motown steeler: Every pick that is not a cb is good for us

Fritz from Kittaning: what the heck does jon gruden know aboutt qb’s. He got Rich Gannon and Brad Johnson after they were developed

James_Taiwan: Jerry, yes someone is also posting comments with my name!

ChrisM361: are gruden and kiper going to fight>

Jerry Micco: Kiper had better not hope that happens.

Damian: Jerry, did they give a presser yet on Gilbert or do you think they are actively looking to move up?

Jerry Micco: Already had Sean Kugler in her e a while ago and did conference call with Gilbert.

Vince: NE has so many picks, they can “throwaway” one on Mallet, he reminds me of brady, they can develop him, kee him or trade him for 5 picks in a few years.

Damian 1: Jerry I changed my name. Some people are inmature

Jerry Micco: Sorry about that. I can ban people, but don’t want to bounce the wrong person

Pablo: @Fritz Seriously about Gruden and QB’s? You might want to look into his career a little more closely.

Motown steeler: can we get back to football?

Jerry Micco: Agreed.

Steeltown: Jarry does this stuff get archived? I think reading previous yrs comments would be entertaining – I used to tape the draft shows for 10 yrs or so then laugh as I watched Kiper rave about guys who never did a thing

Jerry Micco: I don’t think so, but it stays alive on our web site for a while.

Damian: I think a backup TE may be necessary in this draft, especially someone who can catch the ball. Please don’t apologize, someone is still typing my name as Damian 1. I’ve been ignoring it for a while now.

Tship: Jerry any idea where Herzlich from BC is graded he could be a steal if he rounds back to anything close of what he was prior to his illnes

Jerry Micco: He could go this round. Very possible.

Damian: I like reading the old draft magazines and look to see if they ever get the sleepers right.

James_Taiwan: I am not sure if someone is trying to type names or that there is a computer glitch.

Damian veritas: maybe it’s sacrilegious but i say focus on the defense. I have faith in Ben, mike, Heath, rashard

panther83: Kevin Colbert said he thought there where 100 players in this draft that he thought could improve the Steelers. I wonder how many of those 100 are left ?

Damian: it’s a bit of luck no doubt, in getting picks right

Steeltown: Sorry about the typo JERRY..LOL.. I’ll be here next year to say I told ya so.. & nothing would make me happier than to be 100% wrong and eat crow.. but this draft does zero to help the team this year.. Heyward won’t even get on the field barring injury and Gilbert may end up being very good 3 years down the road but no help this year

Jerry Micco: Unless you can get guys in the top 20, it’s hard to put guys in as starters. Few draft picks wind up as starters. But at some point, you need to develop guys. Ziggy Hood hardly played his rookie year. But he was very good last season. It’s rare someone drafted below 20 or 21 starts.

ChrisM361: Curtis Brown if he is still there? Didnt colbert and tomlin go to the texas pro day?

steelerd: I dont think this draft is very deep what about the corner from new mexico

Jerry Micco: Devon House is maybe a 4th rounder.

panther83: I agree with Damian veritas, focus on the defense. You can not improve every position in 1 draft !

SixRings: I think we need another safety to play when Troy is out. I don’t want to ever see Tyrone Carter again

Jerry Micco: He’s gone. Was gone last year.

Damian: But on the other hand, you have the steeler’s brass getting it right consistently while Detroit or Cleve…

Guest: Leonard Hankerson is a steal

ChrisM361: @ steeltown- how many rookies do you expect to draft that will improve a team that just went to the sb?

panther83: I agree, focus on the secondary now, you can’t improve every position on your team in one draft !

Taos Tiger: You are right on Jerry. The Steelers teach and develop young players and they ease them into the lineup

Steeltown: Your 100% right Jerry but Prince coulda been the difference maker we needed THIs year

Jerry Micco: OK, maybe. Then why did so many teams pass on him? Patrick Peterson was the only cant-miss CB in this draft. Amukamara had some flaws. That said, I’d have picked him in the top 15.

Taos Tiger: House is a 4th rounder Take it from a New Mexican

Tship: Speaking if the Texas pro day a possibility could be Sam Acho

panther83: Ryan Mundy you mean ! He is lousy also, poor on specials teams also !

Damian: Can we trade Jerry for a fourth rounder? :)

Guest: Pete Carroll failed with the Jets and Pats and now with the Seahawks.

Steeltown: Chris we coulda trade up to get Prince when he what if we gave up a 1 3 4 and 2 next year.. he coulda been an immediate starter and shut dwon corner this team as constituted desperately need this year

Panther83.5: pouncey contributed from day 1

Jerry Micco: I will be stunned is in his rookie Amukamara is a shutdown corner. As for Pouncey, he was a top 20 pick. Those guys usually contribute.

James_Taiwan: Wallace made a splash as a rookie but even he did not start until his second season.

Pablo: SF and OAK both just took corners. But I’m not familiar with van Dyke that Oak took.

Taos Tiger: Pouncey was the exception not the rule. He was drafted 18th, too!

panther83: This is where having 2 busts at CB 2 years ago really hurts Burnet and Lewis, should be playing in 2011

Pablo: @Steeltown, you would have given up 4 picks to draft Prince? Wow, I guess the Falcons front office has company in the “over reach” department.

panther83: Van Dyke converted WR from Miami runs 4.35 So Al Davis could not resist !

James_Taiwan: Jerry, I think Gilbert will have to play as a rookie. Adams, Collen, and who knows who will probably be injured at some point!

Jerry Micco: He may. But you still have Scott and you get Starks back.

Pablo: van Dyke is SMALL but very fast I am learning….not really the type of CB we need.

Steeltown: All right I’ll shut up one last question for Jerry- do you think Prince this year would not be a significant improvement over any cb we currently have on the roster?

Motown steeler: in the end, it’s a bunch of wise-guys (us) trying to outsmart some pretty intelligent dudes. I have faith in Colbert.

Guest: Jerry is Evan Royster in this draft?

Jerry Micco: Except for Ike Taylor, you’re probably right. But you have need at OL and DL. You would have had to give up multiple picks to get higher to get him.

Jerry Micco: Royster is in the draft. Probably a 7th rounder.

Steeltown: Pablo if the Falcons win the SB this year that is a great trade… there is only one WINNER

ChrisM361: steeltown thats what new orleans did for ricky williams and that didnt work out very well…. dont underestimate the value of mid round picks – antonio brown

panther83: Gilbert could start at Right Guard if he is good enough, that would be major upgrade and then move outside in 2012

James_Taiwan: Brown is still available if the Steelers are interested!

Motown steeler: @steel town -that’s a rhetorical question!

Mike: Prince is not worth what Pitt would have had to give up to get him.

SHeriff: Chekwa Mayb there but NOT a good single coverage guy. Runs 4.3 40 but not shutdown guy. Would be a project but a gunner on special teams. Watched him numerous times at OSU..

Jerry Micco: Chekwa would need some coaching, but his speed is tremendous.

SteelTown_Stealer: Jerry wasn’t Delton Hall underrated as a Steeler CB?

Motown steeler: Good night, all… My two year old is calling. Good fun.

SHeriff: You got that right. Consistent 4.3 and good special teams guy. Will stick his nose in on run support

James_Taiwan: Jerry, we are lucky that the people in this chat don’t manage the Steelers. A successful team like the Steelers drafts to be competitive every year and doesn’t throw away the future for one shot at the Super Bowl. Keep up the good work Rooneys and Bill Nunn.

Taos Tiger: The Ravens traded up for an OL. That makes sense

Pablo: I’d be happy if either Johnny Patrick or Curtis Brown is available for the Steelers.

Damian: Can’t agree more with Pablo regarding the corners

panther83: Jalil Brown 6-0?? 203 Colorado 4.5 could be a possibilty also

Damian: What about Brandon Burton from Utah?

Wilbur: What is the chance the Rooneys ante up, pay Ike, and he stays a Steeler?

Jerry Micco: I think they’ll sign Taylor. But they may want the hometown discount.

Ozzie Newsome: I’m much better at evaluating talent than Kevin Colbert

panther83: Chykie Brown 5-11?? 189 Texas 4.49 possible in 4th round

Jerry Micco: They may have their pick of CBs here if they want to go that way. But a nagging feeling: they may go RB.

Guest: Does Ike want the discount? Hes had his contract re-worked two or three times so others could be signed to extensions. I think he wants his payday.

Jerry Micco: He may not, but he likes playing here.

Jerry Micco: Patrick was a guy the Steelers had to be interested in. Still a couple CBs left out there

Pablo: Well Ozzie, pretty sure everyone agreed Jimmy Smith was an elite “talent.” Hope you can live with the rest of the package he brings.

Mike: nagging feeling or inside word??

Jerry Micco: Feeling.

Wilbur: I can see RB or WR…..just no PK or punter

panther83: I see Pats have the Saints 1st pick and Raiders 2nd round pick next year. Every year this happens

James_Taiwan: Which RB would they draft?

Jerry Micco: Taiwan Jones from E. Washington. Maybe in honor of your sig, James. But I believe they really do like him.

Mark: Patrick just got picked… Another one bites the dust.

SuperGenius: Why is everybody in love with New England every year. They have NOT won a SB since Spygate

Mark: Hopefully Lewis or Butler can step up this year.

James_Taiwan: Johnny Patrick is gone, Brown or a running back?

panther83: I hope they don’t go RB, Go CB or OL, concentrate on 2 positions now

Wilbur: Has Kendric Burney CB from North Carolina been picked yet? Hes a player who has upside.

Jerry Micco: Burney is still there

Jerry Micco: San Diego just took Shareece Wright, CB, USC.

Jerry Micco: Three straight CBs taken.

Mike: looks like a run on CB’s now

Wilbur: three CBs in a row….I just dont get it

Jerry Micco: This is about where the CBs would go. Or early 4th.

Pablo: Jerry i’m wearing my lucky Steelers underwear. Can we draft a CB here?

Jerry Micco: You will have your choice of: Chykie and Chris Brown; Brandon Burton, Chimidi Chekwa or Davon House. One of them, maybe 2 may be gone, but that’s the best of the bunch. Maybe add Kendrick Burney in there, too

Wilbur: Maybe no one will attempt to pass against the Steelers next year….then its a moot point

James_Taiwan: Jerry, how many of your staff members are covering the draft? Is it only you and Ed?

Jerry Micco: Ed Bouchette and Gerry Dulac are here tonight. Dan Gigler, our online editor, is doing social media back at the office. And Ron Cook will be here tomorrow

Wilbur: I like the Todman kid from UConn…he could get a look at RB

SHeriff: Jerry: has the Panic run on DB’s begun?

Steeltown: Any CB worth his underwear has been taken :)

Pablo: another prankster….that was a different pablo with the “lucky underwear”

Steeltown: If its jerry & Ed thats two more coverage guys than the steelers have under contract

Pats suck: Jerry if u need to take a bathroom break let me know I can hold down the fort for u

Jerry Micco: I think I’ll pass..on the offer. But thanks.

James_Taiwan: Ha, at least the Post-Gazette employs coverage guys! Maybe Jerry can cover the Patriots receivers as well!

Steeltown: Jerry thanks for the chat any chance next year Gerry Dulac can do it?

Jerry Micco: Enjoyed it that much with me a tthe helm, huh?

Steeltown: hey thas not me

Jerry Micco: I have no idea who’s real and not. You guys figure it out.

SHeriff: Maybe they go WR and shoot for one of the DB’s u mentioned in 4th. Chekwa was one rated 3rd to 4th rd. Don’t know about the others

Jerry Micco: I don’t like any of the WRs left here.

Taos Tiger: I guess some Steeler fans don’t appreciate common sense, Jerry.

Steeltown: You may want to have one of your techies lock down ip addys next time

SHeriff: Fua still there as well

ChrisM361: i still think we go DB

Tship: About time for a LB here.

SHeriff: Me either.. DL FUA?

Pablo: Jerry, your IT guys or CoverItLive need to make it so that you can’t have duplicate screen names. That is pretty standard practice

Mark: I would like to see them get Jeff Maehl from Oregon sometime tomorrow. He is a Hines Ward type receiver.

Steeltown: Taos common sense is you have no decent cb under contract…if we lose Ike this could be the worst steeler secondary in a long long time…If we can score 38 a game we may win10

Wilbur: How many years does Farrior have left? Is Sylvester or Worilds going to get more PT?

Blaze: I really like brandon Burtton

ChrisM361: here we go

Jerry Micco: Steelers take Curtis Brown, CB, Texas

Pablo: Jerry, any chance Steeler go with Clint Boling, OG, just based on value alone….he was expected to go far higher? I still expect a corner

Damian: I don’t think the Steelers have taken more than a minute total on the clock. They have gotten all of their picks in immediately.

panther83: pick already in wow wasting no time

Wilbur: Really??? A corner??? Well I’ll be dipped in mustard.

ChrisM361: if curtis brown is the pick i am happy

Damian: Good developmental pick. Thanks for taking the time, Jerry. Sorry for some of the morons in the room, but you were great moderating as usual.

Jerry Micco: As I said, it’s Brown. Heard that a minute or so ago. He’s a nice pick at the 3rd round. Patience and they still got a guy who can develop as an off-side corner. He’s no Pro Bowler, but once again, an are of need is filled. Steelers like a color-by-numbers approach to the draft.

Guest: We failed at Texas with Limas Swede and Tony Hills. But Big Snack was a hit

SHeriff: Is everyone happy now? Lol

James_Taiwan: So now a Guard, Receiver or RB in the 4th round?

Mike: Jerry are you here tomorrow too?

Jerry Micco: No, I don’t do 4-7. I enjoy these chats, but 3 straight days, I don’t know. Gotta spend some time with the wife and kids, too. But I’ll be keeping an eye on the draft.

Jerry Micco: Carnell Lake here speaking on Curtis Brown: Quick player. Probably their best cover corner. Aaron Williams bigger, thought he was more safety. Curtis definitely a cover corner who can play nickle and outside at CB. Good hands; teams picked on his teammates than him. Thought his coverage skills were better. Think he’ll contribute faster for us than his teammates.

Steeltown: Jerry thanks you did an awesome job wish I could say the same for the steelers .. I haven’t been this underwhelmed by a draft since Huey Richardson

Jerry Micco: Beauty of the draft…takes a while to see how it works out.

Damian: Marcus Cannon could unfortunately (for him) fall deep into the fourth or fifth round with the recovery from chemo a real possibility.

Steeltown: Sheriff NO a 3 round cb is NOT what we need nor a 4th de…or a OT that wil take 2-3 yrs to develop

Pablo: Rounds 2 & 3 in 4 hours, 20 minutes….almost felt speedy

panther83: Next Pick should be interesting, another CB or best player on their Board

Jerry Micco: Could be another CB. But I think maybe another DL or LB. On offense, RB is a need, I think.

panther83: I watched Texas play alot of games last few years living in Dallas area. I thought the 2 Browns where just as good as Williams

James_Taiwan: Thanks Jerry I’m making a grilled cheese sandwich and going to bed dreaming of a 7th ring

Jerry Micco: Have a good night.

Pats suck: Jerry how about the head of hair on that Blaine gabbert!

Jerry Micco: There you go. Got your comment in. Everybody cracking up. Next?

Taos Tiger: Going late for a RB is smarter than spending big money early

ChrisM361: thanks jerry

Jerry Micco: You’re welcome. I enjoy doing this every year. Always interesting how people react and how different the opinions are. And no one is wrong, which is the beauty of this.

Steeltown: I’m gonna be dreaming of other teams WR catching long bombs and black and gold chasing em into the end zone

Jerry Micco: Could happen. But let me ask: Are those teams going to hold off the blitzes and speed rushes of the LBs to complete those passes? Pass defense is a team thing, not just secondary. Not every team is the Packers.

Steeltown: Jerry when teams spread you out with four & five receivers and 3 step drops there is no rush.,,

Jerry Micco: You’re right, but not every team can do that, can they? New England, New Orleans, Green Bay. That’s 3 I can think of. Atlanta, which was loaded this year, scored 9 points in OT game with the Steelers. You assume every team will go 5 wide and 3 step drop. How then, does New England not go to the SB every year. You are hitting one note. And that’s all you got.

Steeltown: Thanks again!!! Praying I’m wrong

Jerry Micco: OK folks, I need to run. Thanks for all the comments, they are much appreciated. As I said, we’ll see in a few years if this draft, or this part of it, has an impact. We’ll see. Enjoy your weekend and the rest of the draft!

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