Simple Mobile APN Tutorial Gets AT&T Galaxy Note Internet and MMS

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This is just changing APN settings, without any hacking, and isn’t worth posting. Sorry. -Will


Getting a phone to work on another carrier isn’t all that difficult for many GSM users. Getting it to work properly, on the other hand, can be. Just because you’ve flashed your phone to another carrier ROM doesn’t mean that all your features will be working out of the box. This being the case for the AT&T Galaxy Note, as users who have switched their Note over to Simple Mobile apparently have been having problems getting a few smalls things to work. Okay, internet and MMS aren’t exactly small, but it matters not now because there is a fix.

XDA Forum Member Jessooca has written up a brief and easy tutorial to help Simple Mobile users switch their APN settings in order get internet and MMS working again. Granted, you won’t be getting 3G or 4G speeds, but internet on a smart phone is like air in car tires. It’s really hard for it to work properly without it.

The tutorial covers all the basics of APN modifying, including deleting your old APNs and creating new ones and in this sense anyone who’s flashed to a different carrier before probably knows a majority of the drill by now. The APNs that you’ll be switching to provide internet and MMS but as mentioned the internet isn’t good internet. Says Jessooca:

This does not fix the 3g issue, but it has enabled internet and mms for me!

If anyone else has a fix for simple mobile 3g please post!

So if there’s anyone holding onto the secret behind at least 3G web, they are more than welcome to share their settings so Galaxy Note owners can flash to Simple Mobile without losing too much to bear.

Simple Mobile Galaxy Note users having internet and MMS troubles can hit up the original thread for more information and the full tutorial.

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